Let us help you to excel in your role and support you on your journey to maximum personal effectiveness, success, satisfaction and fulfilment. No two coaching relationships or experiences are the same so we will work with you initially to design our coaching relationship in order to meet your individual needs.  At Nutshell we are experts in people skills and work with everyone from long term unemployed people to people who are leaders in their respective fields. What stays the same regardless of who we work with is our commitment to helping and supporting people to self-actualize.

What that means is that we draw on our vast bank of knowledge, skills, resources, experience and abilities in order to help coach people to reach the peak of what is possible for them. For some this may be becoming an exceptional leader or for others it may be preparing for a career change or rapid period of upskilling. The reasons that people have for hiring us as coaches are as individual as the people who we coach but whoever we work with, we are 100% behind them all the way.

We are highly skilled in helping people to achieve more success and fulfilment in their working and personal lives through a broad range of methodologies including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, coaching tools, coaching conversations and instruction.

For more information on how we can help you or to make a booking then please contact us by telephone on (064) 6633902 or email