Nutshell Motivational Talks™

Nutshell Motivational Talks™ are delivered to young people in schools or youth centres prior to their Junior or Leaving certificate studies. The talks are designed to develop optimum psychological fitness, preparedness and motivation for student study, giving students the best possible chance of personal success in their school outcomes.
The talks are delivered by a qualified youth worker who is also a qualified and experienced life and executive business coach and motivational speaker.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Creating a vision board for focus on the desired results
  • Learning how to recognise and manage the inner critic/saboteur
  • How to deal with procrastination
  • How to manufacture motivation
  • Dealing with common thinking errors (CBT)
  • Easy and simple stress management that works
  • Goal setting strategies and understanding why these are essential
  • Understanding time management and creating a time management plan
  • Motivation for success

Talks can either be delivered to a full year group or to a group who have been identified as having particular needs such as traditional poor performance, low expectations, a lack of motivation and so on. As there are slight differences in the delivery of the talk given to Junior and Leaving certificate groups it is advisable that the groups are not mixed. A total of 3 hours is required (with a break).

For further information and to obtain a quotation or discuss your particular needs please contact us at or call (064) 6633902.