About Us

What we do

We design and deliver exceptional training courses, workshops, talks and seminars and we provide Life, Career and Executive Business Coaching services to individual clients.

Who we work with

We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, communities, corporate and private sectors.

Nutshell values

Our core values at Nutshell include self-actualization, integrity, excellence, optimum personal effectiveness, connection and human development.

Our passion

At Nutshell we are passionate about developing people. We work incredibly hard so that our training is current, relevant and easy to understand and apply. Every week a substantial number of hours are invested in researching the latest developments in many disciplines, including psychology, neurology, communication and human development. This is so that we can distil the latest information and pass this on through our training, in ways which are easy to understand and apply.

Our training is interesting

We aim to connect, inspire, motivate, empower and deliver interesting life changing content. Our feedback and testimonials suggest that we do a great job with this.

No time wasted

At Nutshell we are fully trained experts in group dynamics and group facilitation which means that we can manage time, content delivery and people exceptionally well. This also ensures that we avoid some of the ‘traps’ that other trainers may experience.

We are reliable

We turn up on time and finish on time and do exactly what we say we will do every time.

Training methodologies

We understand that within any group there are people with different learning styles, abilities, strengths and limitations and we excel at delivering training which accommodates this level of diversity. In cognizance of this we use a wide variety of training methodologies including instruction, audio visual, images, questionnaire, role play, group discussion, drama and tactile aids. We watch for signs that individuals within a group are comfortable and can grasp the content, If we see signs of struggle or discomfort we address this so that every single member of a group can fully benefit from the training. We believe that each and every person is valuable.